How to Organize Your Day

The Limelife Planner Daily Notebook has been a game changer for organizing my day, so I thought it’d be fun to give you a peek into how I use it to stay productive. I am currently using the Layout 2 version to keep track of everything I need to do on a daily basis. 

Limelife Planner Daily Notebooks are a great way to organize your daily routine.

My Layout 2 notebook is my lifeline for the day. On the top right of the page, the priority box keeps me on task. It’s important for me because I can easily get lost in all the little tasks that need to get done throughout the day. I feel better about my day when my priority task gets completed, despite how many of my other tasks get done (or not).

Below the priority box, there is a spot for a list. I use this space as a to-do list (though I know some people use it for a grocery list or even notes). On this list, I note daily recurring tasks, such as laundry and dishes, as well as other tasks I might need to get done that day. Sometimes I add subtasks to this list that support the priority task.

Limelife Planner Daily Notebooks are a great way to organize your daily routine.

When I start a task, I check the box. This signifies that something is happening, but the task is not complete yet (for example, laundry is started, but hasn’t been folded and put away). When the task is complete, it gets marked through with a line. If there’s a task that I don’t get to (and there usually is), I highlight it to draw attention for the next day.  

On the left side of the page, there are three boxes with flags. I use the top one to note any events happening that day. I use the next two flag boxes for any other events or errands I have going on that day. Sometimes I put dinner plans in there as well, but to be honest, lately we’ve been relying quite a bit on convenience food while my husband is traveling.

Limelife Planner Daily Notebooks are a great way to organize your daily routine.

The next part is my favorite! Below the flag boxes, there’s one large box. I use this section for bible study. If bible study is not your thing, you could use this space for an inspiring quote or even a doodle of the day.

The great part about this notebook is that it's not dated. If I have a blowoff day where we just sit around and don’t do a thing, I don’t have to waste a page. Same goes for those days where I’m running a mile a minute and don’t have time to stop and write down tasks.

Limelife Planner Daily Notebooks are a great way to organize your daily routine.

And of course, since it’s Limelife, the notebook has room for customization. In addition to choosing from three great layouts, I was able to add a beautiful blue floral cover (Willa) with my name on it.

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