In order to keep my house somewhat clean and tidy, I have a cleaning schedule. I want to point out that I use the term “schedule” loosely here. Very, very loosely! If something doesn’t get done the day it’s supposed to get done, that’s okay. It doesn’t usually get done until its allotted day the next week. Mostly I just like this schedule because it reminds me what needs to get done if I want the house to look the way I like it.

Daily Things

In order for this system to work, I have a list of things I try to complete daily. Again, if something doesn’t get done, well it just doesn’t. But if I can get most of the things done most of the days, then things are going pretty well around here.

  • Make beds
  • Bathroom (swish the toilet, spray the shower, and wipe counters)
  • Laundry (one load)
  • Dishes
  • Wipe down counters and sweep kitchen
  • Pick up and put away random stuff

     Weekly Things

    I assign a category to each day of the week. Cleaning is not my first priority unless the house is just an awful disaster. But on days when I have a few minutes or an hour to spare, I try to use that time to get one of my weekly tasks done.

    • Monday - Bathrooms (deeper cleaning like tubs and mirrors)
    • Tuesday - Dusting and vacuum floors upstairs
    • Wednesday - Kitchen (clean microwave, stove top, and empty fridge for trash day)
    • Thursday - Dusting and sweep and mop floors downstairs
    • Friday - Monthly task (see below)
    • Saturday - Yard work (okay let’s be real, my husband does most of this)
    • Sunday - Meal prepping for the upcoming week, planning

      Monthly Things

      On Fridays, if I have time, I rotate out a list of tasks that should be completed monthly. I don’t ever get to all of them. But it’s nice to have a checklist!

      • Week 1 - Change air filters, backup data and devices, vacuum under furniture, car wash and vacuum
      • Week 2 - Quick declutter (any room, wherever it needs it) and donate, shred papers
      • Week 3 - Deep clean kitchen (pantry, fridge)
      • Week 4 - Quick declutter (any room, wherever it needs it) and donate, shred papers
      • Week 5 - Usually happens quarterly so this is mainly for seasonal stuff like decor or winterizing

        Of course, I use my Limelife Daily Specialty Notebook to remind me of these tasks. It is so satisfying to check them off as I complete them! Love cleaning schedules?

        Grab the one on the Limelife freebie page! It’s not the same schedule as mine here, but it’s way more colorful. Happy cleaning!


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