Welcome to the very first blog post. We are so happy to finally have a blog up and running where we can share Limelife information as well as cool planner hacks, organizing content, fun planner products, and more. 

A few housekeeping things to take care of...

Ship dates:

  • Planners will be shipping the third week in October (and they start with November 2014). We will have some older styles of planners available sooner than this, and those will be posted in the shop next week. 


  • Pen loops, plastic coils, and mini tape guns are shipping now! 


  • Stamp sets are shipping October 15th. 


  • Notebooks are shipping the second week of October. 

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If not, please do! We are @limelifeplanners 

We have changed our tabs! This is one of the biggest changes we made in regards to our quality control this time around. Our previous tabs were 7x9 with a 1/2" tab extension. This time, we shortened the tab so it will stick out less and therefore be more protected. Tabs are now 7x9 with a 1/4" tab extension. Tabs are still full color with mylar coating on the tab extension. We also have patterned tabs for the add-ons! It's a fun addition we're really excited about. Tabs are still on their way to us from our supplier, so once we have images of them we will get them posted!  

We renamed our planners with names. Get to know Ansel, Paige, Maddison, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Esther, Scarlett, and Mary. Some are old friends and some are new! 

Speaking of new... here they are! 


We're so thankful for your patience, excitement, and encouragement over the past months as we launched this business. It's a dream come true for two hard-working mamas, and it isn't possible without your support! 

P.S. We have a LOT of giveaways coming over the next few days. Be sure to come back!