We have an exciting opportunity for TEN talented, organized, creative, planner-loving individuals to join our Media and Creative team. We want YOU to help us share the Limelife brand as we continue to grow and develop.

Responsibilities include:

  • Writing two planner/organization related blog posts per month (dates will vary and can be set up to accommodate your schedule. We will also work with you to come up with blog topics if needed -- we have a few ideas up our sleeves!). 
  • Provide Limelife with 10 new images suitable for Facebook and/or Instagram. These images will be of or relating to your Limelife Planner (or other forthcoming Limelife products). These images cannot be ones that you have previously published on Social Media and will be subject to approval from the Limelife owners.
  • Email Limelife with a headshot of your for our website. 

In return, you'll get a FREE Limelife Planner of you choice as well as an advance sample of every new product that we release during your time on our Media and Creative Team. We have some other fun things in store for M&CT members as well. (Trust us, it's pretty great.)

Media and Creative Team members are hired for 5 month contracts, which will begin on April 1st, 2015 and run through  September 1st, 2015. At that time we will be choosing another group of 10 individuals, although an offer to stay may be extended to M&CT members who have done an exceptional job. 

To apply, please send three images of your planner in use (does not need to be a Limelife Planner), as well as a statement of interest -- tell us why you want to me on our Media & Creative Team! Be sure to let us know if you are an Etsy shop owner or have your own planner-related small business. We are happy to have other small business owners! We'd love to help promote your products as well. We will be choosing members by March 10th, and we are asking that you apply no later than Wednesday, March 4th.