When we set out to pick 10 people to help us represent Limelife Planners we had no idea how wonderful nearly ever single application would end up being. True story. We had such a difficult time picking 10 people that we ended up picking 12. 

These mothers, students, teachers, friends, daughters, and planner-lovers will be blogging as well as showing off their ideas on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to check back often because all of this goodness starts TODAY (no April Fool's Day here!).

Without further ado, here is the Limelife Media & Creative Team (pictured top left to bottom right):
1) Elliscia Axson-Hall 2) Sarah Halstead 3) Kelly Cosgrove 4) Nicole Ferland 5) Katharine Poppe 6) Amber Boyd 7) Kate Morse
8) Jamie Breeden 9) Emilee Adams 10) Debbie Crowder 11) Florence Antonette 12) Abbey Niebel 

Tasha, myself, and these amazingly talented (and beautiful) women have a lot planned in the next 5 months. Expect lots of great ideas -- prepare to be inspired!