Everyone turns to a place in their home that is quiet, peaceful and inspiring to plan. My place is my office. Although I had an office in my home way before my planner addiction, I transformed my special spot just a few months ago during one of my mom’s visits from Georgia.

Michaels was my go to craft store for find the different parts to make up my desk. Each part is from the Recollections Collection. At first, I thought of just having one table, and I was going to add on from there, which I still think is a fabulous idea, but my mom thought I should just do everything all at once while she was in town.

My first table is made up of a Recollections Cube and The Recollections Mini Cube with Slots on top, and then other side sits the 4 Shelf Tower.

My favorite section is the 4 Shelf Tower because of its gigantic drawers. My first drawer keeps my packaging materials. Stationary is what the second drawer consists of. The last two drawers divide my scrapbook stickers from my planner stickers.

This is the section I plan to keep my materials for my upcoming projects in. Right now, I have pictures as well as mementos that I plan to use in my son’s baby scrapbook this summer.

My second table which sits caddy-corner from my first one is held by The Recollections 5 Drawer Cube as well as Recollections Desktop Marker Organizer Caddy sitting on The Recollections Organizer Cube 4 Shelf.

Inside the drawers you can find the following in the given order 1 – Gifts, 2 – Paints, 3 – Paper Scraps, 4 – Mailing Labels, 5 – Checkbooks.

Not only do I keep markers inside the marker organizer, but I also keep highlighters, pens, and whiteout. Below, notecards and stamps share a shelf. Scissors are stored inside the drawers. Scrapbook paper fills the bottom slots.  

The only section that appears on the back of my desk is here which is where I keep my glue guns, glue sticks, yarn, washi, buttons, letters, and stamps.

On top of my desks, besides tons of sticky notes, clips, and pictures of my loved ones, I keep two organizational pieces. One is for my washi and favorite pens and is called the Recollections White Desktop Washi Tape Dispenser Base w/ Storage. The other is The Desktop Carousel that has my scrapbooking necessities.

When I look up for inspiration, I see sayings that mean a lot to me and my family, pictures from my son’s first photo shoot, and our family’s marquee.

Well, there is no way I can end this piece on my table for all of my crafts without discussing the actual table top. So, in the beginning, I was going to order the table top that Recollections intended for these pieces, The Recollections Desktop Panel for Craft Storage System, but then one quick and inexpensive trip to Lowe's cancelled that shipment. Instead, I found slabs of wood already painted and everything. One we screwed on; one we didn’t which gives me the flexibility to play and be creative while designing my happy place to plan and create.  

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