After months of stalking Woodland Cottage Farm’s Instagram (@woodlandcottagefarm), I finally convinced myself to purchase a cover for my planner. Of course, waiting for its arrival almost killed me, not only because I was so excited but also because I was so nervous about how it would turn out. You see if you do not choose from the covers listed in the shop, then you have the option of designing a cover yourself. To get in contact with Beth or Tara, you can send them a message on Etsy with your idea. They can respond letting you know what fabric they already have in their shop or they may recommend that you search for a fabric you love at Warning: Make sure you choose quilting weight cottons!

My mission was to help create a cover that matched my Betsy planner perfectly.

Inside the shop Beth had the plain black and white horizontal striped fabric. Then, from, I found The Riley Blake Sew Charming Designer Cloth Mint which she happened to already have as well, so it was perfect. 

Choosing your fabrics allows you to see your options which is nice but is also nerve-racking at the same time. What if your fabrics do not match? I took screenshots of both fabrics involved and viewed them side by side using the Pic Stitch App. Even with all that I grew more nervous by the day. It was the inside of the cover that worried me so much, because that is the only time you see the fabrics together.

Woodland Cottage Farm will provide you with a very detailed diagram so that you can let them know which fabrics you want where as far as for pockets and such. I think this brings both parties a feeling of assurance. I can’t tell you how many times I checked the notes section on my receipt to make sure I ordered horizontal lines!

Now that the much talked about cover has arrived, I must figure out how I’m going to use it besides using it to carry my planner! I thought about using it as a wallet and carrying my credit cards and license there, since I am always taking my planner to the grocery store with me anyway!

You can comfortably fit two cards in the top pocket. And sorry guys, I am a teacher and do not have enough bills to tell you how many “dollar” bills fit in the bottom one.

In the back, you can store store pens and even highlighters. In the actual pockets, there is plenty of room for stickers and thin rolls of washi! I think this will be the perfect home for my Limelife Planner. Where does your planner live?

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