Planning doesn't have to be a boring job. Just as your wardrobe reflects your personality, your planner can be an extension of it as well. Most of us "planner nerds" are into decorating and making our planners pretty. It's mixing being functional with showing your creative side. Maybe you don't have time to craft or maybe you just love to pretty up your planner. I am going to share some of my favorites shops and products to pimp your planner out. Some have the added bonus of looking pretty and being an additional tool to use. 


My favorite place to shop for dashboards is Stickebeans on Etsy.  Dashboards can be spunky, beautiful or silly to reflect you and your personality. It's a great place to attach a variety of sticky notes where you can have them at your fingertips or the type I am sharing here is more of a functional white board so to speak. Use a sharpie marker and make your notes so that the ink doesn't smear and easily wipe it clean with an alcohol pad and it is ready to go for the next time. 

Sassy clips are just small clips you can use as a page marker and they have some really fun sayings to reflect your mood. Anna is super sweet and she ships fast. 


Planner Charm 1.jpg

Bling out your planner by adding a planner charm or planner jewelry. Crafters Retreat on Etsy has some cute charms in several varieties such as metal charms, Scrabble tiles and you can even personalize them with pictures.  



This one is pretty near and dear to my heart as I have an Etsy shop doing paperclips. Mine are paper pieced and I have a variety of them. I also have purchased some clay ones on Instagram that are super cute. The button styles can be personalized or you can get a variety of images on them. At Hobby Lobby and similar stores you can find some shaped paperclips as well. These are both cute and functional to hold notes etc. 


Hautepinkfluff has a variety of tassels in her shop. She has loads of colors and varieties as well as pom poms! You are bound to find a pretty color to coordinate with your planner in her shop. I have several of her tassels and they are not only pretty, but they are super soft as well. 


Project Life or similar cards have a variety of themes, colors etc. that you can change up whenever you feel like it. I just recently started buying these. I do not do the pocket scrapbooking but I love to add them to my planner.

I laminate mine for extra durability but you do not have to do that. There are also shops on Etsy selling a laminated strip you can attach to pictures or these types of cards to attach them to your coiled planners.

I hope you enjoyed a look at a few accessories you can use to make your planner pretty. What do you use to pimp your planner?

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dashboards, clips and accessories: 

Planner Tassels:

Planner Charms:

@ISIS_ELLA_JEWELS (find her on instagram only)

Project Life Cards (Can be purchased at Hobby Lobby, Michaels etc):

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