It’s been a long time coming, but I finally grew strong enough to sell my first born’s baby clothes.  I guess I got enough of hearing “Are those boxes full of diapers?” as my friends viewed the diaper boxes that reached the ceiling in my garage. Or maybe it was my husband’s gripes of how I am taking over the garage between the boxes of baby clothes and my school stuff that I have to take home every summer. What ever it may be, I did it, and I did it in a way that I never knew was possible: online.

You read right; I sold my son’s baby clothes via Facebook. There are groups on Facebook that consider themselves yard sales. You could just search your area plus yard sale or garage sale to find one. That’s what I did, and I found five in my area. Lucky for me, the process was rather easy, because I started off organized. Every three months when my son would grow out of his clothes, I would take them out of the dryer, fold them, and place them in boxes. I would label them by size and articles, for example: “3-6 month onesies.”

So, I continued with this organizational method throughout the process. The Facebook groups are set up with a link where you can sell your items. You click on “sell” and then it will ask:

  1. What are you selling? 
  2. Price ($)
  3. Location (Optional)
  4. Description (Optional, but I think it helps the buyer a lot, and it saves you time when it comes to having to answer questions.)

I found that when it comes to clothes people like to have a higher amount of items than the dollar amount. The best thing about this process for me was the fact that people have to buy the complete set or wardrobe as I described it verses a garage sale where they just buy one item. It’s a lot faster and, hello, you’re in air conditioning!

Pictures were key to this process! Even though I washed the clothes before I boxed them, I washed them again and then I laid them out so that all could be seen.

To purchase, typically, people first comment on the actual post expressing their interest for the item(s). Then, they either send you a personal message on Facebook or you send them one. Privately you discuss the location and they can ask any further questions they may have. I highly recommend meeting in a public location like in front of a police station, a bank, Walmart or Starbucks.

Buyers did not always have time to meet up on the same day, so it helps to keep track of when and where you are meeting each person. I did this in my notes pages of my planner, of course!

Well, I hope when you build up the nerve to sell your baby clothes or what ever you have around the house that you no longer use, you will consider the online option. I know I found it super easy when it came to selling. Now handing over the boxes filled with memories, that’s a whole other blog! ;) 

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