As a photographer, I take pictures of every moment I can. I rarely have a moment that I haven't captured either by the camera on my phone or my Canon! I literally have thousands of pictures on my hard drive that need to be printed and placed in baby books. Thankfully, I know that when I print them I will remember when and where the images were taken because of the printables that I make. The printables make a cute prop, but they also help me remember the dates and the actual memory being made.

With 3 kids it's so hard to remember every single moment, so this is the way I can capture them and look back to remember. One of my favorite memories I love to have is the first day of school each year. I love taking pictures of my kids and comparing them to the last day of school.

Seeing how much they have changed and grown is amazing to me. (I'm tearing up just typing this.) I just think that when my kids are fully grown and have kids they can go back and share the memories I captured with their kids and see where they are in the present day.

For instance, my son is going into first grade (fighting back more tears), he's my oldest so this is my first full day experience. I'm excited for him but I will say my days will be different without him around helping me.

The printable I've created is for you to capture your child's first day of school! I used bright, fun Limelife colors, so there is something for everyone! I thought, why not add a little more to the board besides a date and grade? Let's make it fun! I added "I want to be a ___ when I grow up!"

Download Back-to-School Printable

My son wants to be a doctor (pediatrician to be exact). This is something he's stuck on so I'm anxious to see if he will continue this path. With these photographs I'll be able to show him how he has or hasn't changed over time. If you use this printable share your pictures with us! We would love to see each of your kids ready for the first day of school. Happy first day of school!  

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