Everyone has to do it whether they want to or not. The “B” word. Budget. As a child, I remember my mom teaching me how to use Excel and forcing me to budget my allowance. That was dull and boring compared to what Limelife offers me today.

To begin, I use my monthly view to track my monthly bills. I have customized stickers that I ordered from Planner Pandemonium. Vicki, the owner of Planner Pandemonium, allows you to select the symbols to represent each bill, the colors using the Color Sample Sheet, and the amounts needed for each bill.

Then, when I go to write out my budget, I refer to my monthly view for each bill’s due date. It’s nice to have everything you need in one place versus having to go digging in all kinds of different places.

Limelife's  Budget Add-On Pages also include budget guidelines, a master budget sheet, a debt worksheet, and check register pages. Just like everything else that Limelife Planners creates, this add-on is beautiful and useful, and I recommend it to everyone.

Share your budgeting methods in the comments section below. It’s always good to get fresh ideas on budgeting. 

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