Page flags: the tiny post-it notes that most planner ladies spend hours searching the Target Dollar Spot for. Don't lie, you know that once someone posts that their Target has them, you immediately go to your nearest Target to check. But what do people use them for?

From what it looks like on Facebook, it seems like most people hoard them for just long enough that they think they are worth more than $1. They can also be used to make planner photos look prettier, especially if you have a set of flags that match your "weekly spread." For a functional planner like myself, they come in handy for pre-planning. You just have to get over the fact that you spent a whole dollar and use something from your stash of supplies.

When pre-planning with page flags, it doesn't really matter if the page flag fits in the box, because it's only temporary. If the longer length of the flag really bothers you, like it does for me, you can just cut the flags down to size. Full-size post-it notes are also great for covering the whole squares or sidebars.

Now, if you own some of the "coveted" Dollar Spot page flags, you may have noticed that they don't adhere super well. If you want to use a page flag as a permanent decoration, a quick fix would be to add double-sided tape to the pack of it. Viola!

What do you write on the page flags? Because most planners are 12-months, that means I'm able to schedule things way in advanced. Sometimes, if it's a permanent occasion (like an anniversary), solidifying it by writing it in your planner is a better option. But for less important things, or events that might change (like a workout schedule), page flags are a better option in case you change your mind the week before.

When sitting down to plan out your week, the page flags are there to help organize thoughts. When you're done, you can simply throw them away. You only wasted $1 on 60 page flags, it's ok.

Do you use page flags to pre-plan your week or month? (A better question would be "how often do you go looking for new Target page flags?")

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