Planner friends make the best friends, right? I've seen this all over social media because it seems like planner girls are a special breed. So special that our "real life" friends might not understand. My friend Katie has a planner, and she uses it but she still doesn't understand my obsession with stickers and washi tape and the whole planner community.

Towards the end of college, I was blessed with a little sis, Megan. I took her under my wing and found out that we have more in common than I originally thought. I was so happy when I found out that she liked planning that I bought her her own "big girl" planner (from a great sale because it was already halfway through the year).

Fast forward to the end of the year, when her planner was pretty much done. Just like me, she didn't know what to do. Do I buy an expensive planner or use the one that the school gives me for free? Because I'm a super awesome big sis, I surprised her with a brand new Limelife Planner for her birthday (which was right before Christmas), which is exactly what I thought she would like.

I ordered the planner on Black Friday and it came before she got back from winter break, so I had to hold onto it until the first week of January. While it was in my possession, I couldn't get over the beauty of it. The colors were so vibrant and the pages were so soft. I might just have to order one for myself. 

I held off as long as I could, convincing myself that I could wait until 2017 for a new planner. Limelife has so many layout options, I knew which one would suit Megan the best, but I didn't know about myself. "Planner peace"... it's a real thing. This could be the planner for me.

I continued to follow LimeLife Planners on Instagram. Eventually, I saw the opportunity to be on the Media & Creative Team, which you can read about in my previous blog post. I got my first LimeLife Planner and could not be more happy.

So all in all, I'd like to thank my lil for inspiring me. Thanks to her, I've found planner peace.

Do you have a best friend that plans? Tell me about them in the comments! Also, if you are looking for planner friends, there a lots of groups on Facebook and you might just meet your new bestie at a local meetup.

Photos and names used with permission.

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