One of the reasons why I love planning is that it gives me a chance to play with the prettiest supplies! I think one thing we planner nerds have in common is that we are obsessed with office supplies. And when it comes to our planners, the prettier the better!

I recently moved into a new office. As I was transferring things into their new homes, I got a chance to go through and pet all my planner supplies. I decided to keep all my favorites within easy reach since I almost always use them in each weekly layout. So what are my favorite planning supplies?


Washi Tape
Of course, this wouldn’t be a planner supplies post if washi wasn’t included. There are countless varieties of this magical tape, but I love to use solid colored ¼ inch washi. With these skinny strips, I can match any color scheme or create a pattern. One way I use it in my Layout C planner is to outline a column when I have an all day event.

Stamps and Ink

I have just started using stamps and ink in my planner, but I can tell this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Stamps are the ultimate supply for the budget conscious because they never run out! Simply clean them after each use and they’ll be ready to go long after your planner gets filled up. I like these Dew Drop inks because they come in such fun colors.

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Ah, stickers. Another planner essential. Like washi, the opportunities for using stickers in your planner are endless! I am a big fan of functional stickers so these Bold & Bright Sticker Sheets will definitely be in my next order!

Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens
Can I just tell you about the most life-changing thing to ever happen to my planner-loving heart?! Three words. COLORFUL. ERASABLE. PENS. If you’re one of those people (like me) that cringes when there’s a mistake in the planner, then you NEED these pens in your life. Plus they’re clicky and who doesn’t love that?!

Sticky Notes
Along with the erasable pens, sticky notes are the next planner supply I use to help me to avoid making mistakes. When I get a note from school or an invitation in the mail, I immediately put the info on a sticky note. Then I put the sticky note on the date of the event. That way if the schedule changes, the planner is still nice and clean. I also keep a sticky note on my current week to take notes without making a mess. Then I can move that note to the next week if needed.

So there you have it, my top 5 favorite planning supplies. Did I miss anything? What are your favorites?

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