You’re a planner girl, so I know you understand me when I tell you that I just had to play “fitting room” with my new Limelife A5 planner inserts. They’re absolutely gorgeous!  They’re special—I mean, one does not just toss these beauties into any old planner and go about her day! Come hang with me as I try on a few of my A5 binders.


There are a host of insert designs to choose from on the Limelife Planners. I got the fun and funky “Elizabeth” pattern, with Layout G weekly inserts-- a clean, classic horizontal week on two pages format. The binder section dividers are the Decorative A5 Planner Tabs. They’re a mix of Limelife design favorites.

The colors and overall feel of these elements are energetic, confident, and tastefully colorful. I needed a binder that would match the vibe of my inserts – not overly serene or too serious; something that would both animate me and inspire me to get things done.


I’m a confessed planner addict, so of course I had no shortage of options at the ready. My light teal striped Webster’s Color Crush has a great neutral colored interior that wouldn’t compete with the vibrant designs of my inserts. But the mellow exterior color made me put it back on the shelf; it was just a bit more calming than what I had in mind.

Either of my Filofax Domino Patent lovelies could have won the prize. The Turquoise Filofax is the perfect shade of boss-lady-meets-dreamer. And, seriously, all the heart eyes for the floral Jane design paired with the pink Domino Patent!  Despite the color win, I wanted this to be my everyday planner, so I needed to fit in much more than my Limelife stickers, so a few more front pockets were in order.


What spells lively, self-assured, creative professional more than this bright yellow Kikki K?

It’s substantial when held, and has classy gold hardware. The insides have a subdued striped pattern that echoes the feel of the Limelife designs without overpowering them. There are just enough pockets to stuff with the essentials. There’s even enough room for my Dottie mini notebook. Really, just… perfect!

The no nonsense side of me wants to pretend that planner peace has nothing to do with aesthetics. But the truth is, I’m multilayered, and I like a balance of both form and function. I love all of my A5 binders, so I would have managed just fine with any of them-- Limelife Planners inserts are a shining star no matter what! But hey, what good is being a planner addict if you can’t take your planners out and try them on for size every now and then? 

Stay posted for my follow up post to see how I set up my A5 binder!

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