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The Perfect Weekly Planner Bundle

$ 75.00

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Please enter the month and year you'd like for your planner to begin. It will run for 12 months beginning with the month you select.

Please leave any additional requests for accommodation here. You'll receive this listing as shown unless specified otherwise in the name, quotation, and notes box, so please be specific!

We get asked all the time what our "perfect" planner would look like if we picked what were included... so this planner is exactly what we would do!  

This weekly planner is 12 months and includes the starting month of your choice.  After each monthly tab, there is a notes page, a monthly spread on two pages, then your weekly page spreads begin. For this planner, we are including one of our most versatile weekly layouts -- layout D. You pick the size that works best for you. 

Our Perfect Weekly Planner Bundle comes with everything that makes our weekly planners awesome. In addition, you'll get the following extras:

  • Extra notes add-on ($7 value)
  • Checklist add-on ($6 value)
  • Future planning pages add-on ($6 value)
  • Block Party planner stickers ($5 value)

What makes these extras perfect? Checklist pages are our most popular add-on and SO versatile. You will find a million uses for them! Extra notes pages always come in handy, and our future planning pages are super practical and helpful for planning those things that come up beyond the months in your planner. 

Please note that your future planning pages will begin the month your planner ends so you have an entire year after your planner pages end to plan into the future!

Select your options from the drop-down menus and we'll take care of the rest!

Please note that the Perfect Weekly Planner Bundle cannot be ordered with another weekly layout or layout customizations, but if you would like to order additional add-ons, we can accommodate that request.