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Homeschool Planner

$ 62.00
Size: 8.5x11

Please choose a cover design. View Choices

Please enter the month and year you'd like for your planner to begin. It will run for 12 months beginning with the month you select.

Please leave any additional requests for accommodation here. The FAQ page outlines the most frequently requested changes and how we handle them. You'll receive this listing as shown unless specified otherwise in the name, quotation, and notes box, so please be specific.

We've created a homeschool planner that actually fits the unique needs of homeschool families! We know that every homeschool is as unique as the children in the home -- so we let you pick the weekly layout, and the sections of the planner that work best for your situation. 

Pick the weekly layout you'd prefer -- we've created Layout H and I specifically for teachers and homeschoolers (no weekend days), but choose from any of our 8.5x11 weekly layout choices.

This planner will run for 12 months and begin with the starting month of your choice. Pick your favorite cover from our cover design gallery and we will customize your cover for you with your name and/or a quotation if you choose. Each planner includes mylar coated monthly tabs (for durability) and a vinyl pocket up front for notes, stickers, and other miscellaneous papers that need a home.

Our homeschool planner also includes a family mission statement page,  a double-sided expenses tracker page, a page for quarterly goals, and a perpetual calendar.

Choose whether you want your monthly pages to start on a Sunday or a Monday and if you want them to be lined or unlined.

Choose THREE of the following sections to be INCLUDED in your planner FREE of charge:

  • Attendance Log: 4 double-sided pages
  • Assignment Tracker: 6 double-sided pages
  • Field Trip Information: 4 double-sided pages
  • Book Log: 6 double-sided pages
  • Lesson Planner: 6 double-sided pages
  • Educational Resources: 4 double-sided pages
  • Homeschool Contacts: 4 double-sided pages
  • Lined Paper: 12 double-sided pages
  • Dot Grid Paper: 12 double-sided pages

Additional add-ons can be purchased from our planner add-ons section.