Daily Specialty Notebook

$ 24.00

Introducing the daily notebook!  Do you keep a smattering of post-its around?  What about a zillion to-do lists in various stages of completion?  Do you have a separate place to keep track of work to-do items?  Do you find yourself wishing for more daily detail in your planner – sometimes, but not always?  Or do you have multiple things that carry over from day to day?

Our daily notebooks solve all of these problems and allow you to track very specific details of each day, all on one page.  There is space to include as much detail as you like in multiple categories of your choosing.  We know your daily needs change, so this notebook affords you flexibility when you need it most.  Maybe one day you want to plan meals for a party and another day you need a place to take notes from catching up on phone calls.  Perhaps you’ve thought about a to-do list add-on or meal planning notebook but didn’t want to commit to any one type.

Each page is undated --use it when you need it, and leave it blank when you don’t  - no guilt! 

The daily notebook is printed on our famous high-quality paper and is bound with a durable 10 mil laminated cover and a sturdy spiral aluminum coil so that you can refer back to previous days as needed.  Choose three, six, or twelve months worth of pages.  Samples of each layout are posted here so that you can try before you buy.  As always, cover changes are welcome, just leave your specific wishes in the notes section at checkout.

Please note: we'd love to put these pages in a weekly planner but it would just be too bulky.

Notebook Customizations

Some of our customers would like a different cover put on their specialty notebook than the default cover provided in this listing. If you would like a different cover please enter the name of the cover here, otherwise you can leave this field blank. To take a look at all of our cover options check out our Interchangeable Cover section in the shop.

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