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7x9 Magic Mouse Vacation Planning Notebook

Version 3.0 of the happiest planner around! We've re-design and given this fan-favorite notebook a facelift. Plan your trip to the happiest place on earth! Whether you've got your Disney trip booked or still saving up, this notebook will help you from start to finish. 

Includes pages like:

  • Savings tracker
  • Vacation bucket list
  • Packing checklists
  • Daily park pages
  • Snack goals
  • Wrapping it up
  • Autograph/photo checklists
  • Vacation weekly overview
  • plus, more!

If you're taking an extra-long vacation (lucky!!), you can choose the notebook that has space for 16 park days. 

The cover in this listing will come with your Magic Mouse notebook unless you specify otherwise. 

$ 25.00

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