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20-Something Summer Bucket List

By Kristan Kremer on July 31, 2017

It’s officially summer now, so I figured it was time to throw together a summer bucket list! As a recent college grad myself, most of these activities are geared towards the twenty-something audience (but many are also pretty versatile).

As a midwesterner through and through, I have learned to love each season as it is present. I miss winter in the summer, and I miss the summer in the winter. I think having four pretty distinct seasons makes me appreciate each one more.

This is my first summer whose end won’t be marked by returning to school. During the last few weeks, I’ve been making little notes in my planner when I got ideas of things to do this summer. I’ve compiled some of them here!


15 Things To Do This Summer - Summer Bucket List

By Kristan Kremer on June 07, 2017

15 Things To Do This Summer 

Summer Bucket List - Family of Four (Kids under 3)


It's officially summer in our home! With two educators and two kids, not yet in school, you can understand our excitement. 


Apollo is just under three years old and Aria a few days from turning one - we have to be creative. During the last few weeks of school, I began to brainstorm different ideas to keep our family entertained in my Limelife Planners A6 lined notebook. 



This size went along with me very easily from home to work because it fits nicely in my work bag and diaper bag. 



What's missing from this list? Anything you're planning to do with your family this summer break?