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A Table of One's Own

By Kristan Kremer
on May 10, 2017
I've wanted a desk in our house for a long time, but we never had the space.  I figured we'd have to move for me to get a room of my own a la Virgina Woolf but recently something strange happened.  Our geriatric dogs (ages 13 and 12) decided they hated their crates during the day.  They've both loved having their own space to sleep since they were puppies, but we became concerned they were going to hurt themselves trying to break free.  We experimented a bit with leaving them out, and they did fine, so we packed up the crates and suddenly there was a blank wall in our front room calling my name.
I had been keeping my planner stuff on an Ikea Raskog cart and wheeling it to the kitchen table when I wanted to use it, but now I'm so excited for it to have a home base!  My handy husband fixed a table he found on the side of the road, and I cleaned it up and popped on an old  table cloth from Target.
I recently got into stickering (is that a word?) and my kids love it too.  We order the Pipsticks monthly pack and our neighbor friends always seem to be over when it arrives.  They LOVE filling out the postcards that come inside and mailing them.  The mom in me is especially excited for a fun way to practice writing over the summer.  I get both the kid and adult sticker pack, because why not?  The sticker fun usually leads to a request to get out the "art cart."  Once it's out, I can't resist!
A few times when planning in my Cahier Traveler's Notebook, I noticed the dot grid array was about the same size as some of the "standard" stickers available on Etsy.  The dot grid is available as a Traveler's Notebook or as a planner add-on, or even as a stand alone notebook.  I decided to do an experiment with a few of my favorite shops' box stickers.
I also noticed that the width is the same as the columns in Limelife's 7x9 Layout A.  I don't have Layout A, but I printed a sample page from the website. I think it's so neat that you can try out your planning style before committing to a full planner.
I can't wait to show you more from my new table.  Also, stay tuned for a Favorite Things Giveaway on my Instagram for my birthday!  It's coming up soon!  Happy stickering!
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Planner Stamp and Sticker Organization

By Kristan Kremer
on March 03, 2017

I am a self confessed planner stamp & sticker hoarder  addict. But I was finding I was doing more "collecting" than using and I felt like most of that was due to the fact it was so complicated to dig through my drawers and collect all the things I needed plus since my stamps and stickers were just very disorganized in my storage I decided I need to take some time to organize them and have all my goodies in a manageable place and thus I would get to use them more. 

I love Ikea but unfortunately for me I do not live close to one. So anytime we go on vacation the first thing I do is see if one is close by and fortunately I took a vacation in January and was able to get to one close by. I had wanted to purchase the Raskog cart for a long time and finally I was able too. 

Top Shelf holds my most used planners, some pencil cases, Mambi sticker books and then my favorite washi tubes and single washi's in the smaller photo cases. 

 2ND shelf I have larger stamp sets that do not fit in the photo containers and I didn't want to take out of the original packaging. I am weird like that. I also have baby wipes for cleaning my stamps, my levenger punch and some colored pencils on that shelf. 

Prior to leaving on vacation I had purchased some storage items so that I could take some things on my trip and keep everything tidy. I went to Joann's and I purchased the following products:

Photo Keeper that has 5 internal photo boxes in it that hold 5 x 7 photos and fit the planner stamps perfectly. 

As you can see the stamps fit in the large 5 x 7 photo boxes well and I fit several in each.

I also bought a few singles of the photo boxes in a smaller size 4 x 6 to hold some washi tape you can see above. I couldn't find the link online, I purchased at the store itself. They are made by IRIS

I also bought the one shown also above that was an Artbin Essentials and it is great cause I fit at least 36 of the dew drops in it. All of these were found in the store and are not always available online from Joann's but I am sure you could find at other online sources. 

Here are some items to make a quick simple sticker book:

Binding discs or use a ring binder

Paper punch

sheets of cardstock

Adhesive for attaching your sticker sheets to paper

I started out making my sticker book by sorting my stickers by shops. Just put some adhesive on the back on the sticker sheets and lay down on your paper and you are done.  I think it would be great in the future if I set it up with tabs and sorted it as well but this time I just didn't take the time. But now I have a system that all my stickers are right next to me when I plan and I can easily find the right sticker and utilize them now. here are some pics of the sticker books I have made. 

I can't tell you how much more efficient organizing these things can make you. I hope this helps some of you get your planner groove back by getting organized!

Limelife Planners Black Friday Sale 2016

By Katie Poppe
on November 25, 2016

Black Friday Bundle!

black friday bundles

Get your Black Friday Bundle featuring new notebook and sticker designs! Each bundle includes a spiral bound notebook, 8x10 inch paper pad, 4 sheets of stickers and a wall calendar. The bundle is worth $65, but we will be selling them for only $50! We have a limited supply so be sure to get shopping early! Bundles will be available at 7am EST on November 25th.

Black Friday Sticker Sale!

Black Friday Sticker Sale

All stickers will be $1 per sheet starting on Black Friday. Seriously. This is your last chance to purchase our current sticker designs, so grab them now.

All Interchangeable Covers: BOGO!

Black Friday Interchangeable Covers Buy One Get One Free

All Interchangeable Covers will be buy one, get one free on Black Friday! We will also be debuting 15 new Interchangeable Cover designs so you'll want to take a look and pick up some of your favorites.

Entering Sticker Heaven: A Guide for The Newly Sticker-Obsessed

By Katie Poppe
on April 27, 2016

Planners make life manageable and planner accessories make the planning arena so much more fun. Stickers have become my newest obsession, but in the beginning, it was all a bit overwhelming. There are so many pretty ones to choose from, but the important thing is to figure out what will work for you. When you are on a budget it can be disheartening having purchased items that do not work out.

In this guide, I offer quick points on the types of stickers and how they can be used. If you are new to the sticker world, this might help you figure out which types of stickers to purchase. If you have already purchased stickers, you might get ideas on new ways to use them.

Functional Icons

Functional icon stickers are my favorite. They add a decorative element to the weekly pages without requiring too much pre-planning. If you are interested in making your first sticker purchase, I recommend starting with these types of stickers. With functional icons, you can mark laundry day with a sticker of a washing machine, study time with a sticker of a stack of books, and leisure time with a sticker of a television. There are sheets dedicated to chores, fitness, academia, and leisure time, which are extremely helpful for day-to-day activities.

Some variety sheets may not be practical for you and that is okay. You might need more of a specific sticker or there may be a sticker in the sheet that doesn’t apply to your life. In these situations, I recommend purchasing sheets that contain one icon in multiple colors. This way you have enough of that specific sticker and you can coordinate it to that week’s layout, and you won’t have unfeasible ones leftover.

Alert Stickers: Page Flags, Teardrops, and Arrows 

Page flag, teardrop and arrow stickers are another favorite sticker type, which I consider “alert” stickers. I love using these types of stickers to draw my attention to important tasks. Page flags and teardrops work almost like icon stickers. You can use these stickers to mark appointments or reminders for “must do today” types of activities. Arrow stickers are long enough that you can write information directly on them. They are decorative and functional at the same time. I use these arrow stickers to mark important events for the day and place them at the top, or if you have an hourly planner, at the time the event or task needs to be taken care of. Limelife Planners has many of these types of stickers to choose from.

Weekly/Monthly Kits

Weekly/Monthly kits can work beautifully if you love the “No-White Space” planning style. You can have all your decorative and functional icons stickers in one set that is gorgeously coordinated. If you find kits difficult to incorporate into your planner because you have stickers leftover that don’t apply to your life, consider buying sheets of half-box stickers or sheets with just checklists, page flags and boxes. There are many shops out there that sell kits designed specifically for certain planners, even your Limelife planner.


At the end of the day, you don’t have to pick just one sticker type to use in your planner. I find that combining all three-sticker types helps make the process easier for me and I end up loving the final product. Get started on the sticker obsession by checking out the NEW Limelife Planners stickers and Welcome to Sticker Heaven.  

This post was written by Sadia Chowdhury for the Limelife Planners Media & Creative Team. For more information about Sadia visit her on Instagram @sadias_ruminations. Please share and repost this blog entry with your friends! All we ask is that you give credit to Limelife Planners and the post author.

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