I am so excited about the new free download that is available and I hope it helps you become more intentional with your time and goals. 


I wanted to write a bit about my experience with the “fresh start” phenomenon.  Throughout December, like a lot of people, I overindulged and was looking forward to recommitting to diet and exercise in January.  I wanted to find a balance between being “on” and “off” since it’s something I struggle with.  (Is anyone else a 0% or 100% kind of person?  It’s tough, sometimes, huh?)  I kept thinking that January 1 would be my day, but there was one problem.  My family was out of town until January 3 on vacation in Florida. On New Year’s Eve, we all came down with a stomach bug.  We returned home with no groceries and piles of laundry.  I was feeling overwhelmed with where to start because in my head, I had earmarked January 1 as a starting point and anything else was a failure.


On Friday January 6, my office announced a biggest loser challenge starting the following Monday.  My MBA classes were also starting up that same day.  Plus, I had 3 days to plan meals and grocery shop.  I decided Monday January 9 would be my day to recommit.  Though it wasn’t January 1 like I envisioned, it was still a great day to begin.


I tried to look for ways to keep accountable.  I started writing more exercise and meal related items in my Limelife Planner.  Three years ago, I discovered a walking path behind my office and realized while I didn’t love running, I did love walking.  I’d fallen out of the habit of taking a lunchtime stroll to clear my head, so I decided to make walking more of a priority.  A few friends are getting together for the Flying Pig Marathon, Half Marathon, and Relays in May and I’d been debating joining them.  Suddenly my fresh start had more of a purpose, so I’m working towards walking some miles with them in hilly Cincinnati. 


Additionally, my friend Hannah recommended The Beck Diet Solution book which has a different approach to thinking about dieting and exercising.  There is no plan one plan or solution imposed – which is very freeing.  The first part of the book is dedicated to planning and thinking, before any changes actually take place.  I’m benefitting greatly from re-framing my thoughts. 


Taking time to plan and be deliberate about what my goals were has made all of the difference.  I feel mentally clearer and am sleeping better.  I am able to manage my time efficiently.  The number on the scale matters less because I am seeing rewards in other ways.  It feels cliché to say “this time is different” but it sure does feel that way.  I have aligned multiple facets of my life towards some much needed self-care, which then has a positive effect on my family, friends, and employees.



I’d like to encourage anyone if they are feeling burdened by the “shoulds” and misaligned expectations in their head to take some time to plan and be intentional about where they are and where they’d like to be.  Setting yourself up for success is just as important as executing your plans.


“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” –Dwight D. Eisenhower


This guest blog post was written by Amanda Cahill, mom, friend, and Limelife Planners supporter. Follow her on Instagram @leftyloveslimelife