Part of planning for me includes the few moments of 'zen' I can give myself, each and every day.  Everyone has a different thing they do for themselves - whether it's a cup of coffee, a long bubble bath, some 'me' time... Planner girls, though, seem to lean into their daily planners for those brief moments of reflection and self-inspiration.  For me, it's been my daily "quote of the day" space in my Layout C.  Layout C is the best for me because I have so much going on, and like to have a box for meals, and for school - but my last remaining box is all mine.

The quotes I choose vary depending on the day I know I'm going to have, or the day I've already had.  I find myself writing the quotes in a different times throughout the day - but always when I need a little boost, or a moment of reflection.  Lots of my quotes tend to be motivational, in whatever way speaks to me. A lot of the time I use them to light a fire under my own butt.  

Sometimes, though, they're little reminders for me to hold on, take a deep breath, and remember that everything is cool. J* and I are officially house-hunting right now, and it's been an incredibly stressful couple of months.  Also, in classic 'English teacher nerd' spirit, some of my quotes find their way from my favorite literature - in this case, two days of this recent week in my planner have been two parts of the same quote from Lord of the Rings.

Seeing the quote in there daily as I referenced my planner helped to keep me on track. It'll be fine - you'll find a place to call yours, and not all who wander are lost!

In talking to some of my favorite planner ladies on Facebook - shoutout to the We Love Limelife Group and my New England Planner Girls!! - I was asking them what kinds of things they did daily for motivation, using their planners or Bullet Journals!  We came up with a great list together :) 


  1. Choose a quote a day to inspire you!
  2. Save your Fortune Cookie fortunes and write them down! (Krystani)
  3. A bible verse a night! (Christa)
  4. "I have a notebook that I started recently as an inspirational/motivational catch-all! Lettering, special phrases and pictures, etc." (Sara)
  5. A "daily gratitude" entry in the sidebar. (Nicole)
  6. "My friend cuts clippings from magazines that inspire her and glues them to a board. Could easily put them on a notes page!" (Leslie! <3)

How do you use your planner for daily inspiration? Share with me in the comments!

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