In addition to all of the wonderful products you can purchase from Limelife, they also offer a variety of printables for FREE! You can view them all here!



There are general ones such as calendar pages, a meal tracker, and several home-related checklists. I’m using the calendar pages this summer while I have a roommate so we can be aware of each others’ schedules/when one of us might be gone for a bit. We keep it on a bulletin board in the kitchen!


Also available are a variety of education printables, which are really awesome according to some teachers I’ve heard from (I think they look awesome too, but I’m not a teacher).


Lastly, there are also desktop wallpaper downloads. I used the Mandy Desktop Wallpaper on my computer at my internship last summer and was always getting comments from others about how cute it is. Once I get situated at my new job, I’ll get a Limelife wallpaper on that computer too – they are great for adding a pop of color to your workspace!



You don’t need any sort of code to get the printables and downloads for free, but if you’re interested in purchasing something else, here’s $10 off!


Feel free to say hi on Instagram! I’d love to see how you use Limelife printables!