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Checklist Notebook (Choose Your Size)

$ 16.00

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We all have plenty of things to do, and this set-up is the perfect way to keep everything categorized. 

You can use each color header to keep tasks organized by day, person, type, job, etc. If you set it up by day (each header is a different date), we love how easy it is to roll over unfinished tasks onto the next day. Plus, who doesn't love the satisfaction of crossing things off a to-do list!?

Please note, if you order 150 sheets (300 pages) in your notebook, this is a very comfortable amount of pages to fit in our largest (1.25") coil. If you want to add another add-on, we can make that happen! Just put that in your cart alongside this notebook and leave us a note that you want it combined. We'll take care of the rest!