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Rose Gold Replacement Coil

Add more pages and get a bigger coil? Remove unneeded pages and get a smaller one? Want to swap your aluminum or black coils for this color? No problem. 

These coils are 4:1 pitch and are electroplated with a gorgeous rose gold color. They will work with all sizes of planners up to 8.5x11". We will send you the coil at the 12" length and you can snip them down to size. Coils are easily cut with tin snips and the ends can be bent in with needle-nose pliers. 

3/4" binds to approximately 157 sheets.
1" binds to approximately 193 sheets.
1.25" binds to approximately 250 sheets.

** please note! These binding estimations from the manufacturer do not take into account that we use a nicer, thicker paper! Lower your estimates when using our paper. 

***Please note, these are plated coils so with heavy use there could be chipping of the color over time. This is normal and unavoidable with plated colors. 

$ 13.00