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Steno 6 x 9" Notebook

$ 13.00

Please leave any additional requests for accommodation here. If there's a design you'd like as your bookmark that isn't listed in the drop-down menu, please request it here. We will do our best to accomodate.

You'll love our take on an oldie, but goodie! Back in the day, the original stenographer's notebook had a line down the center because it was quicker for those writing in shorthand to go from the end of the sentence back to the left side on the next line. We've omitted the middle line, but we've kept the size (6"x9"), the lined pages, and binding on the top. This is a great companion to your planner for notes, lists, and brain dumps. 

Pick the cover you love, the coil you want, and we'll assemble your custom notebook. Each notebook starts with 100 pages printed double-sided on 50 sheets. Go ahead and add more pages from there if you'd like. 

Please note, if you order 150 sheets (300 pages) in your notebook, this is a very comfortable amount of pages to fit in our largest (1.25") coil. We don't recommend pushing it with more than this number of pages. 

If you order more pages than will fit in the plastic colorful coil you select (if applicable), we will automatically switch you to our standard aluminum coil. We can fit up to 150 pages (on 75 sheets) in the plastic coils. 

Pro tip: These make make great gifts to have on-hand in your gift closet. Grab a few extras for when you need a quick, but thoughtful and versatile gift.