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Special 7x9 2 Weeks On a Page Planner

Thanks for being a member of our #lovemylimelife group on Facebook and for helping me test out this layout! This layout makes your planner thinner, which is awesome -- great for portability and/or for adding extra add-ons without the bulk. 

Each daily box is just under 2.5 inches wide and just over 1" tall. Each box is lined with light gray lines so you can write straight :)  

Currently ONLY available in color, not black and white, so please select color on the drop-down. 

Here are the details and pages included with your planner:

  • Holiday/Special Dates Page by Year
  • Habit Tracker (double-sided)
  • Year at-a-glance Calendars -- four years included!
  • Perpetual Calendar by Month
  • Vinyl Pocket 
  • Laminated colored tabs to separate each month
  • Twelve months of monthly calendars (select your starting day Sunday/Monday from the drop down below)
  • Weekly Pages (two weeks on a page)
  • Double sided notes pages (40 pages on 20 sheets)
  • High quality, ultra-smooth 80# paper
  • 10 mil laminated permanent front and back cover for extra durability (choose from ANY in our cover design gallery)
  • Heavy duty spiral binding (choose aluminum or black)
  • Your choice of binding. We prefer our 7x9 planners to come to you spiral bound, but if you want them unbound, or 6-hole punched we are happy to do that for you!
  • Optional add-ons available. Choose from several helpful add-ons (like meal planning, budget, fitness, etc.) and we'll coil them right into your planner. Not sure which ones you'd like? Check out our planner add-ons.

If there's anything extra special you'd like us to know about your planner or any special instructions, please leave us a note.

$ 50.00

Please choose a cover design. View Choices

Please enter the month and year you'd like for your planner to begin. It will run for 12 months beginning with the month you select.

Please leave any additional requests for accommodation here. The FAQ page outlines the most frequently requested changes and how we handle them. You'll receive this listing as shown unless specified otherwise in the name, quotation, and notes box, so please be specific!