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Mini Steno 3 x 4.5" Notebook

Our 6x9" Steno notebook was such a hit that we decided to go small! Meet this little cutie that fits just about everywhere. 

Pick the cover you love, the coil you want, and we'll assemble your custom notebook. Each notebook starts with 100 pages printed double-sided on 50 sheets. Go ahead and add more pages from there if you'd like. Don't worry, we like 'em chunky, too. 

Please note, if you order 150 sheets (300 pages) in your notebook, this is a very comfortable amount of pages to fit in our largest (1.25") coil. We don't recommend pushing it with more than this number of pages. 

Pro tip: These make make great gifts to have on-hand in your gift closet. Grab a few extras for when you need a quick, but thoughtful and versatile gift. 

$ 6.00

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