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Magic Mouse Autograph Book

A trip to the most magical place ever wouldn't be picture-perfect without getting a few snapshots and an autograph with your favorite pals.

We took these on a road test and had our our kiddos use them for autographs in the parks. It was awesome! So much better than the traditional blue books. 

The Limelife Magic Mouse Autograph Book is colorful, well-designed, durable, and easy-to-use. 

Why we love it:

  • Colorful pages dispersed alongside white pages. Color-coordinate your pens and your characters with paper! 

  • 80# paper means no bleeding-through when the characters use sharpies. Cardstock won't get bent up or wrinkled easily.

  • Spiral binding means the book can turn completely closed on itself, which makes it easier for the characters to write in.

  • Colorful Mouse Stripe covers are adorable! BUT, you can also choose from any of our covers to make your book super personal. Front and back covers are laminated for durability.

  • Turn this book into a mini-scrapbook by saving left-hand pages for pictures and journaling and right-hand pages for autographs. Basically, it's super versatile! Dimensions are B6 or 5.3" x 6.9". 

  • Plenty of pages! 20 sheets (40 sides) to capture a vacation's worth of autographs and memories. 


$ 14.00

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