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Cool Kids 8.5x11 Notebook

Your favorite cool kid is going to LOVE this notebook! 

This one-of-a-kind notebook has all kinds of fun stuff to keep your kids interested, help them stay organized, and encourage them to build good habits. 

Here's what's included in this 8.5x11 notebook: 

  • 12 monthly dated calendars calendars (you pick the starting month)
  • Goals sheet (with helpful instructions)
  • 4 sheets (on 2 pages) of book logs to encourage reading
  • Ta-Da List sheet (for highlighting accomplishments)
  • Monthly budgeting sheets
  • 6 sheets (on 3 pages) of comic book/storyboarding sheets
  • 10 sheets (on 5 pages) of lined notebook paper
  • 5 sheets of blank paper (so their imagination can run wild)
  • Your choice of custom cover from our cover gallery
  • Aluminum coil in silver or black, or choose from one of our colorful plastic coils

If you're looking to beef up the notebook with a little more of the academic, we have add-ons that you can choose to include as well:

  • Planets - one sheet for each of the planets + Pluto!
  • Presidents - 20 sheets for presidential information. Pick the people you'd like to study!
  • States - 25 pages to learn all about the fifty nifty United States

The add-ons are purchased separately, but when included them in your order with the Cool Kids Notebook we'll add everything into the notebook automatically. 

$ 20.00

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