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Introducing the daily A5 inserts! Do you keep a smattering of post-its around?  What about a zillion to-do lists in various stages of completion?  Do you have a separate place to keep track of work to-do items?  Do you find yourself wishing for more daily detail in your planner – sometimes, but not always?  Or do you have multiple things that carry over from day to day?

These inserts solve all of these problems and allow you to track very specific details of each day, all on one page. We know your daily needs change, so this notebook affords you flexibility when you need it most.  Maybe one day you want to plan meals for a party and another day you need a place to take notes from catching up on phone calls. 

Each page is undated and includes 120 pages (4 months) on 60 sheets of paper.   Use it when you need it, and leave it blank when you don’t  - no guilt!

These inserts printed on our famous high-quality paper and will be hole punched for your convenience! 

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